Product List

Photo Product Name Description
Mutton Baby Carcass The Goat Used For This Product Is Under 1 Year Old.
Mutton Brain Per Pcs Whole Brain Of The Goat.
Mutton Chop Ribs Perfectly Cut Pieces From The Ribs Of The Goat.
Mutton HORECA The Pieces Will Be Customized According To The Demand Of The Customer.
Mutton Kapoora Testicles Of A Male Goat.
Mutton Kidney Kidney Of The Goat Provided In Perfectly Cut Pieces Or Whole (according To The Customers Demand.)
Mutton Leg Boneless Boneless Only From The Leg Of The Goat.
Mutton Liver Liver Of The Goat Cut In Pieces According To The Demand.
Mutton Mince Processed From Soft Tissue From The Breast Of The Goat.
Mutton Mix Boneless Boneless From Different Parts Of The Goat.
Mutton Nalli Pieces With Thick Bones Of The Goat.
Mutton Paya Per Pcs Lower Leg Of The Goat.
Mutton Shoulder The Shoulder Of A Goat.
Mutton Whole Carcass 11-13 Kg The Goat Used For This Product Is 2 Years Old Or Above.
Mutton Whole Carcass 8-10 Kg The Animal Especially Used For This Product Is A Young Goat.
Mutton Whole Leg The Full Leg Of A Goat.

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